Our Platform

Our research is focused on the continuous innovation in the field of cell therapy. 


Unique qualities of our platform


——   Bank of induced pluripotent stem cells   —— 

Help Therapeutics constructed and operates the first and only national level, government accredited iPSC bank, the Chinese Bank of induced pluripotent stem cells (CBiPS). Housing hundreds of iPSC lines derived from healthy donors and rare disease patients, CBiPS represents the largest iPSC repository in China and coordinates iPSC orientated research involving cell therapy, disease modeling, drug screening and safety evaluation.


——   Stem Cell Differentiation Technologies   ——  

Our scientists developed efficient differentiation technologies, enabling the derivation of highly pure cardiomyocytes, nerve cells and other cell types from iPSCs in large quantities. These technologies were further transformed into standardized and scalable cell product manufacturing procedures.


——   Clinical Translation    —— 

We forged in-depth collaboration with renowned medical professionals from multiple top-notch hospitals and medical institutes. Clinical studies based on these collaborations critically accelerated the bench-to-bedside translation of the latest technologies. 


——   Automatic GMP Grade Manufacturing   —— 

Help Therapeutics established the first GMP compliant induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) product manufacturing system in China. All products are subject to stringent quality control tests.